About Us

TekHanceUS is based in the US in the beautiful state of North Carolina. We pride ourselves on providing an experience to honor our southern hospitality roots by being more than just our product for you to purchase. We want to make your experience worry and hassle-free, by providing knowledge, with help before & after your purchase. You are always treated as part of our family, not just a sale.

Our mission is to provide customers an oasis through optimal convenience online, where the customer could do all their shopping from the convenience of their own home. Continual determination & innovation gives us the ability to provide our customers both the answers they need, the most affordable prices, outstanding customer service, and our customer’s complete satisfaction every single time they shop.

That is why our products are engineered to last and work smart, maintaining the highest quality and reliability. Our ability to maintain the highest quality, provide you with a safe experience from beginning to end, and accessibility online will always be our #1 priority.