Wellue™ Wearable Wellness Ring & Oxygen Monitor-Sleep with Peace of Mind

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Features and further details:

Wellue Adults O2-Ring Wearable Sleep Monitor | Oxygen level Monitor | Heart Rate Monitor | Bluetooth Health Tracker | With Free APP & PC Reports 

  • COMFORTABLE SOFT RING SENSOR: Designed with the softest and lightest materials for absolute comfort during overnight use adapting to personal finger size. Never slips from your finger, completely frees your finger, it is like wearing nothing.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE:  100% Free APP & PC software providing FULL graphic sleep reports and health data trends over time. Ability to review real-time data in APP dashboard. Includes unlimited sharing of PDF and CSV reports.
  • ABNORMAL DATA MONITORING: Ability to preset thresholds for personal Sp-O2 and heart rate levels alerting you of any data outside this range to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  
  • UNLIMITED STORAGE IN APP: Designed with the ability to upload unlimited data via Bluetooth from your device automatically. The built-in memory can store 4 groups of 10 hours of data on device.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Designed to be fully rechargeable with up to 16 hours of battery life.


Track, just by wearing the O2Ring on your finger, it will automatically monitor your O2 Level, heart rate and body movements continuously. 

This device will tell you when your O2 Level is lowered, or HR is higher/lower than the threshold you preset. Turn them on/off, adjusting the threshold and intensity separately to fit you best. 

Never slips from your finger, completely frees your finger, it is like wearing nothing.  

You can save unlimited history data to your phone at no additional cost.  

Integration with Apple Health.  

Via free Windows PC/Mac App. Export, print or share the PDF/CSV format overnight O2 reports unlimitedly. 

Our mission is to provide you better sleep and healthier life! 

Adult's O2 Ring User Manual