Checkme™ O2 Max Wrist Oxygen Monitor

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Features and further details:

  • Sleep Apnea Assistant: Our sleep tracker watch, when your SpO2 level drops, the smart ring sensor vibrates, letting you know when your level drops between 80% and 95% of the preset threshold You need more oxygen
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping: With a soft sensor, it fits comfortably on the thumb and is barely felt when you are in place. One size is right for everyone, so our equipment is suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Continuous heart rate and SPO2 tracking: This compact and durable pulse oximeter monitors your oxygen SpO2 level and pulse rate for up to 15 hours in sleep mode and up to 5 hours in fitness mode
  • Health Tracker: This wearable technology is ideal for those who are interested in climbing, cycling and other endurance sports, as well as those who have or may have sleep apnea and other sleep, who are interested in measuring SpO2 levels and heart rate over the long term.
  • Cloud Storage: Combine our user-friendly sleep app for iOS and Android phones, you can view real-time metrics and analyze your OSA screening results, track long-term trends and share your data with your doctor. You can automatically sync your data to the Checkme cloud
  • Bluetooth technology:Synchronize the device with your phone and the monitoring results will be displayed on your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth technology. You can monitor your data every morning and use it to discuss your concerns with your health professional.