SleepU™ Wrist Oxygen Monitor

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Features and further details

  • Comfortable & Easy To Use: Designed with the wearer in mind using comfortable patented silicone and the latest technology to set it apart from the rest. Wearable overnight to record and track your O2 & HR data automatically allowing you to sleep. Do not settle for other cumbersome, and irritating devices that keep you awake all night.
  • Accurate Tracking: Designed to continuously track blood oxygen, O2 drops, heart rate, motion, and records O2 saturation during your sleep automatically. Maintain tracking even when disconnected with 4 sessions being stored automatically in the device, and immediately syncing once reconnected.  
  • Automatic Notifications: Continuous tracking during your sleep to alert and notify the user by an alarm when any reading is below your set threshold. Fully adjustable thresholds and notification settings that fit your needs.
  • Free Updated APP & PC Software: Each day view full detailed reports to track your wellness trends. Share unlimited reports in PDF and CVS formats to your doctor and family members. Ability to log notes on your progress, lifestyle, and therapy.
  • Bluetooth & Fully Rechargeable: Wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to track your trends and insights on full graphic reports. The device includes a fully rechargeable battery with up to 16 hours of life before having to recharge. The device will automatically run whenever you wear it.

Our mission is to provide you better sleep and healthier life! 

SleepU User Manual